Thursday, November 1, 2012


We had a pretty low key Halloween around here. I attempted to dress the dogs up but they weren't having it. So no cute pictures of a puppy pirate or a puppy princess. Oh well!

I hung around the house and passed candy out to kids. We only had about 10 or so, sadly. I brought the rest of the candy in to work. I still enjoyed seeing all the kids and handing out candy though. Cutest outfit went to a tiny lady bug. She had quite the knock though, I was expecting a teenager and went out to find a 2 year old. She was serious about her candy ;) It's so cute when they say things like, man you've got the good stuff! I agree kids, twix bars are THE best ;)

Here are a few pics of us and our Halloween fun! :) Hope you had a great one too!

You can't see well because of the lighting but I had a very cute Halloween scarf on! 

Appropriate socks as well! :)

The good stuff!

The Halloween decor I managed to throw up!

The dogs waiting for kids to bark at. We found out last night that Lady is NOT a fan of masks. She sounds scary when she doesn't like something. I'm pretty sure a few kids might have peed in there pants because of her bark. Cajun per usual just wanted to make out with everyone. 


Anonymous said...

Your dogs look so cute, guarding the door like that! :)

Holly said...

Cajun sounds like my dog Chloe. She just wants to slip everyone the tongue! Creeps! Ha!