About Me

Hello and Welcome to my Blog! My name is Amber :) I'm a thirty-something that loves animals, the beach, wine, reading and shopping. I'm married to Matt!

(this is a picture of myself, my Mom and Matt on our wedding day)

We met in Southeast Virginia where we both grew up and moved to South Carolina a few years ago for my job. 

We now live in a small coastal town in South Carolina called Myrtle Beach.

We have two dogs, Cajun and Lady. They are both rescues from St. Frances Animal Shelter.

I work in marine science for a living and Matt works for Blue Cross and Blue Shield and loves it!
(His office has a gym which is where I take all of my classes. Can you imagine having a gym AT work?)

I'm pretty much all over the place with my blogging. I just do it for fun and so I can look back later at what was going on in my life :)

If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me at aeknow@gmail.com or you can follow me on twitter @jlyfsh. Thanks for reading!!