Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Please, slow down!

I'm running behind again. I'm trying to enjoy my evenings at home with Matt and the dogs which means less time on the computer.

However, I feel like I am addicted to twitter these days! A year ago I would have told you were crazy and twitter didn't make any sense. Now? I can't get enough!

I need to write a post about my bowls made out of yarn and paper mache paste.

They are SO cool! I'm pretty excited to try making it with different yarn and experiment with different bowl shapes. I think these are going to make really cute Christmas gifts! 

I'm also trying to figure out a dessert to bring to Friendsgiving. I feel like Pinterest has me overwhelmed! If you have any tried and true recipes that you think I should bring, let me know! I need some direction...

Hope everyone has a good Hump Day!


Jamie said...

That is so cool!

Robin said...

I like those! I think they would be pretty with Christmas colored-yarn.

Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. Most of the blogs that I like have already received it, so if you have and don't want to do it again, I understand.