Monday, November 7, 2011

being thankful day 6: my dogs

i'm a day behind, yesterday was sunday though, so i deserve a break! ;)

yesterday i was thankful for my dogs. i know i already post about them a lot, but really and truly they are terrific animals. and they are so different. lady is laid back and enjoys laying in the sunshine and getting her belly rubbed. while cajun has a neverending amount of energy and loves to wrestle and play! they love going to the beach and they both love to run free. lately we've been letting lady run free when we take her out. eventually cajun will get there, but right now he's just not a good enough listener. they both love bed time and are great cuddlers. cajun likes to sleep curled up by my pillow with his face by mine. so sweet! :) so yesterday i was greatful for a day of cuddling and relaxing with my dogs and husband :) and for how incredibly lucky i am to have them all. i'm glad lady and cajun chose us and are so happy in our home!

and no post is finished without a few cute pictures of them! :)

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