Tuesday, November 8, 2011

being thankful days 7 and 8: my husband

like my mom i think my husband deserves two days of thankfullness (...and i'm a day behind ;)). we met in december of 2008 on a blind date after meeting on an online dating site and talking for about a week. i had no idea what i was getting in to when i went to lunch that day. i knew he was special after our first date but at that point i had no idea i had just met the love of my life :) didn't take long to figure that out though. he makes me laugh uncontrollably, makes me feel loved, wanted and taken care of, he listens to me talk even when he probably doesn't want to ;) and is one of the best people i know. loving him has made me a better, different person. i'm so thankful he loves me too :)

and of course here are a few pictures!

this is from my friend kate's visit in april of 2009, we had a mini photo shoot! 

this is also from april 2009 at my sister's wedding

this is april 2011 at his sister's wedding

and finally may 2011 at our wedding :) 

i love you, matt! :)

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