Sunday, November 6, 2011

thankful day 5: saturday mornings

i think my favorite part of the week is early morning on saturdays. i make coffee and a real breakfast. the one time a week i cook eggs and usually turkey sausage. we take the dogs for a walk and then we usually relax on the couch with tv that we've recorded that week. today i'm thankful for that down time with my husband.

not so different than saturday mornings growing up i don't think. same kind of relaxing feeling of not having anything that has to get done right then. i love that feeling.

fall is really here now. it has been cold the past few days. cold enough to wear sweatshirts and jackets to let the dogs out early in the morning. it's also getting darker and darker for the dogs last walk at night. that is no fun, i hate trying to find their poop in the dark! but, they both have an aversion to going to the bathroom near any sort of light. so for the next few months my flashlight and i will be good friends!

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