Sunday, January 26, 2014


It might snow here this week! I'm so excited! Neither of my dogs have ever seen snow and I haven't seen snow since we moved here to South Carolina, which is almost three years! They're saying it's going to be 'significant'. Please if you live anywhere where it snows on a regular basis don't laugh at the totals I post later in the week. But, I'm thinking we might even get 2 to 3 inches! That's a lot for our beach town!

I'm preparing today for the impending snow and clueless drivers. On my to do list are:

Bring work to do at home

Stock up the fridge and pantry

Buy firewood!

Get an ice scraper for the car (I gave mine away when I moved here!)

Find my mittens

Get my winter coat out of storage

Find my wool socks

Charge my camera battery

Find some good movies to watch

Find a few good recipes for the crock pot and to bake

I'm also debating on whether or not the dogs need booties. I might check out Pet Smart and see what they have!

I think that should be good for my snow day. I'm probably getting way more excited than other people about this. But, seriously we only get snow like every 5 years or so, so it's a BIG deal!


Lauren said...

I still have never seen snow!

Lauren said...

Houston never gets snow and we may get an inch in which case I will LOSE my mind! My dog will also freak out about it. I'm excited to see what happens and already hoping for my first-ever snow day!

Nichole said...

I haven't seen snow since I was 10, and we lived in NY. I think it would be fun to experience again! Take pics if you get some :)