Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up!

Whew life has been BUSY lately. Busy in a good way :) I haven't had time to or felt like blogging in the down time I do have.  I love reading and commenting on other blogs but I just can't seem to connect with this space right now!

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you know that I'm much more active there! Not this past week though! Let me tell you this week was cuh-razy!

So you might have heard that they predicted a snow and ice storm for the East Coast. Well they predicted that those of us on the immediate coast would be fine. Well I guess fine meant that if the storm tracked just miles to the left or right, or the temperature was 2 degrees colder the weather Wednesday would be awful. We ended up getting half an inch of ice through the day Wednesday. It was just ridiculous.

We had 45 people from across the United States fly in for a work shop this week. Most made it in ok, but some were flying out of our airport and connecting in Charlotte or Atlanta Thursday and today. Any guesses on how many of those flights were cancelled? Yeah, A LOT would be the right answer. In addition to that we lost power about 5 times Wednesday, I lost count. And we were broadcasting our workshop via the web. It was awesome. Except it wasn't.

The food was also kind of crappy this week. I don't know if it's the fact that we've been eating healthier or what, but I was sick most nights. It sucked!

Another fun thing, apparently they decided to start using cinnamon air spray in half of the building we were in. So, I couldn't use the bathroom or walk through the hallway to get lunch. I had to go outside and walk through the courtyard to another building to go potty. Which only happened about 8 times a day. Super fun times!

I am so glad that this week is over! I went to pilates earlier and now I'm going to do nosthing for the rest of the day except sit right here.

Oh I did get this super adorable belated Christmas gift this week (long story but we were supposed to meet up in January and then I ended up with the month long plague!) I love it so much. I laugh every time I see it!

Sorry if this post was super whiny. It felt really good to vent though!

Also Matt and I decided this year for Valentine's we didn't need any chocolates or flowers. Since we usually give each other our trip to Virginia and dinner out for Christmas we decided to splurge. We got each other a Fitbit! So far I love mine! I walk SO much further than I realized in one day. And it's nice to have a good idea of how many calories I'm burning. And it has an online log to track food as well and water consumption. I need to start tracking my sleep soon. Basically I love it, so far definitely worth the investment :)


Lauren said...

A fitbit sounds so fun! I would love to see how good my sleep is because I am always tired yet I sleep like a rock. Love that coffee mug, too, but my coworkers are so literal they would want to peek inside if I brought it to work!

Nichole @ said...

Ive actually been wanting a FitBit! Glad things have been mostly "good" busy :), minus the gross snow!