Monday, January 13, 2014

My New Year Starts February 1st!

Since I've been sick for basically the entire New Year so far I've decided 2014 isn't really starting for me until February 1st :) Matt and I are going to celebrate Friday the 31st and pretend like its our New Year's Eve! 

2013 was an interesting year for sure. It brought extreme happiness in most areas of my life. However, losing Grandaddy in April definitely changed me in a lot of ways. Before that point I couldn't imagine life without him. And yet somehow we've all managed to keep going on. It was hard at first to do things without him. To celebrate birthdays and milestones without him there. But, eventually I had to remind myself that there is no world where Grandaddy would want us to be unhappy because he wasn't here anymore. He'd want us to keep celebrating while keeping his memory alive. Which is what we've done since then :) He played such an important part in my life and even now he still is. The things he taught me and the love he showed me will stay with me forever. 

Overall though 2013 was good. I started an exercise routine I enjoy. We moved in to a new apartment that I love. At this point I seriously have little to no desire to move in to my own house. I do not miss mowing the lawn, worrying about the water heater or the plumbing or the air conditioning. Even though there are a few annoyances to renting, I prefer them to the annoyances of owning a home. I do have some wishes for our apartment in 2014. I'd like to get new furniture this year. And I'd like to actually finish the project in our dining room. I have an old dresser that I really want to refinish and make in to a bar. I started the project but like most things kind of stopped in the middle :) I'd also like to reorganize things and just sort of tighten up the existing decorations. I finally have the mantle the way I want it!

Rather than make resolutions I have a few goals that I know I can make myself keep! 

I want to stick with exercising. I will run (or run/jog/walk) a 5K this year! I will go to class at least 2X a week every week. It's hard to get up at 5:30 to get to class but I feel SO much better when I do!

I want to read more for fun. I didn't add up how many books I read in 2013 and I want to start keeping a list in 2014! I think I probably read close to 60 books last year. Don't get too excited though a fair number of those were young adult books haha ;) I love Pixel of Ink and getting free books delivered to my iPhone! :)

I want to be better about keeping in touch with people. It's so easy to say you're going to call your friends or send them notes. But, it's easier not to. This year I will make a point of calling them, texting them, something to let them know I'm thinking of them!

And really that's it. Nothing too fancy or unattainable. I just want to keep being happy and enjoying life! :)

I hope 2014 brings good things to you as well!

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Nichole said...

I like the idea of ringing in the "new" year on 1/31...I went running at 530am yesterday (up at 5) and I hated it at first, but loved that I was then DONE for the day!