Sunday, January 12, 2014

How Random can I get?

I realized lately that aside from fixable things like my sinus infection, my gallbladder and needing to kick my butt in the exercise realm I'm really content with my life lately. 
Let me tell you it took me a while to get here. I felt like my 20s were full of unhappiness. Unhappiness with my job, living situation, relationship status, etc etc. Don't take my wrong. I was 'happy' during my 20s. I just wasn't content. I wanted more from everything. But, don't we always usually want more? 

In some ways I wish I could go back. To the days where I only had to worry about myself. I only had to pay for my bills, my food, make sure I got to work. I could do what I wanted with my time and see who I wanted when I wanted and not worry about anything else but myself. I definitely couldn't appreciate what I did have while I had it. Life changes so much quicker than we expect. 

I'm sure people are tired of me saying it (I know I've written about it a few times), but I could never imagine life being like it is now. It's more than I imagined while being completely different than what I imagined life at 32 would look like. 

I never would have picked South Carolina. I never would have picked the job I have. But, life is good. It's so fun getting to see Matt be so happy at his job. The people he works with are great and he enjoys his work. It's nice to see him want to go to work and get things done. I know no one loves working, but if you have to work it's nice to get to at least not hate being there! 

I'm lucky as well. After my last work environment I needed this job. It's so relaxed. And so easy. It's nice not having work be a stressful place!

I do wish that my family was closer. And that it was easier to visit friends. Thank goodness for cell phones and social media! It definitely makes not getting to see people easier. But, honestly, I love living here so much the missing those closest to me isn't as awful as it could be. I know that if I was still 'not content' with life the missing them and not getting to see them would be so much worse. 

Matt and I celebrated 5 years together (the anniversary of our first date) in mid-December. It's so funny some days to think I've only known him 5 years. It seems like it should be so much longer, like I've known him forever. Meeting him completely changed my life. I made different decisions, let some doors close and others open. All because he was in my life. And that life is pretty great right now. 

I don't have the itch to move or change things up. I'm just happy to stay here and make new memories and enjoy life. I do feel myself itching for spring. I want to open all the windows, clean things, get rid of things we don't use. Take the dogs to the dog park, spend evenings walking at the beach. Wear flip flops! (although not too often my 32 year old feet need more stability than they used to)

This post is kind of random and all over the place at this point. I don't even know what I wanted to write when I first sat down. Other than to say how appreciative I am of the life I have. 

I will leave you with a few lessons I've learned from my short life so far :)

What you have now is more magical and special than you realize. Appreciate it. Show up every day and really enjoy the stage of life you're in. It can and will change in an instant and you'll miss what you have. 

Show people you love them. Be there for them. Because one day you're doing to need them. 

Document your life! Take pictures, write down your experiences, start that scrap book! One thing I have never regretted is taking a picture. I love getting to look at my life in photo form. I recently redid my mantle with photos. It means so much to me to have my most favorite people looking down at me from my fire place :)

It's cliche but create a healthy relationship with food, your body and exercise. One day soon you'll appreciate it. I wish I had started and kept up exercising so long ago. Also don't be afraid to go to that class alone. I love the women I've met in my exercise classes. They are such an inspiration and a good motivator as well. It's nice to have people kicking your butt and telling you to show up!

Alright, this post is truly random enough now! Time to enjoy the last little bit of my weekend :)

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