Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Target Makes Everything Better

 I've been feeling kind of puny lately! I went in for an ultrasound today to see if my gallbladder is the culprit. 

At this point I just want somebody to FIX IT. I'd really like to eat Thanksgiving Dinner!

I've also been feeling kind of woe is me why does everyTHING seem to happen to me lately. I think I need a little break. Luckily with the Holidays coming up I will get just that. 

As well as the potential of at least a week off if I have my gallbladder removed. Gotta take what you can get I guess?

Anyway, my attitude lately has left me with little desire to blog. So instead here is my weekend in three pictures. 

Target. YAY. Seriously walking around Target is like therapy. I know all the workers there can't love it. But, I recognize them all at this point (I mean they probably even know my name ;)) and they're always so nice. I want to thank them all the time for keeping my happy place open. I walked around for a good hour Friday night and it was wonderful. I spent way more than I should have. BUT between my Redcard and the Cartwheel App (get it if you don't have it!) I actually saved like $10.25 on that trip! 

FREE Magazines (no idea how, one day they just started showing up in my mail box!) and dark chocolate peanut m&ms :) Nicole from Casa de Crews posted about a 'screw it' day she had, so I told her this was mine. I needed the mindless reading that these provided. And the brain food courtesy of the m&ms. I was a happy girl that night. 

We had two turkeys and only room for one in the freezer. So Sunday we cooked a turkey! It was delicious. I love turkey. Good thing I can actually eat some of it without feeling like I'm going to die :) 

I am so ready for the doctor to call and for Thanksgiving break to get here! :) 


Lauren said...

Few things make me happier than wandering around Target! Sorry you have been feeling off. I hope they figure it out for you soon!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Target is a total mood booster.

So is turkey!

I hope you're feeling tip top soon. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I might be making a turkey soon too! My husband got one from his work, but since we already have Thanksgiving plans else where I'll probably make it after Thanksgiving. Your bird turned out really nice looking! I'm glad you can eat it without feeling sick. Stupid gallbladder, the sooner it's gone the better!