Monday, November 11, 2013

Happiness Is....

Happiness Is...

All you can eat oysters! 

First fires of the year.


Winning tickets to Ripley's Aquarium!

I cannot wait to see the Festival of Trees!

Chili con Carne made by Matt.

Running with Friends.


Lovely weekends spent at home that make me remind me to be thankful for the simple things :)

(This picture was just so funny. Lady hates having her picture taken. Not sure if she meant to stick her tongue out of not, but she definitely got her point across. No more pictures please, Mom! ;))


Lauren said...

Can't wait till we can have our fire pit out here :-)

Nichole said...

Haha, Lady reminds me of Gigi, she hates photos! Such diva dogs!

Ashley said...

I've never tried oysters, they scare me a little, haha. So funny you caught that on camera with her tongue sticking out! LOL