Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Some Days are Random

Most days are random if you are me!

We didn't have internet at work all day yesterday or part of today. You would have thought the world had ended! Our phones were down too so it was SO quiet. 

I have an iPhone with ZERO music on it. So, when the internet went down so did my Spotify! However, in my car was all of my cds. Mostly from the 90s and early 2000s. 

I've been rocking out to Jimmy Eat World, OAR, Counting Crows and Dave Mathews today. All of their really old stuff too, which has been fun. 

But, obviously now the internet is back up, YAY! I always thought that internet access made me less productive, but I think it actually keeps me more on track. When I don't get to take little breaks to check my email or Facebook I find myself doing other things that take my away from my desk and actually distract me even more. So hopefully I will be more productive this afternoon now!

I have my yearly eye appointment tomorrow which I completely forgot about until they called me. Whoops! For some reason it makes me really happy to have a full stock of contacts in the bathroom. I like to see them all pretty and lined up. 

I got the results of my ultrasound and the gallbladder is coming out! I have one stone the size of a quarter in there which is causing all the fuss. I am SO excited to eventually be able to eat normal again. For a while after removal I have to continue eating a low fat diet, but I don't even care. I am so excited not to have pain in my side anymore! :)

Thanksgiving should be interesting because I'm having it out after. Which I guess means very little to no ham! However, cranberry sauce is low fat and it is one of my favorite things so bring it on! :)

I am also so Thankful for a short work week this week! Matt is working Friday because he gets double time if he goes in (woohoo!) so I'm going to venture out and check out one or two Black Friday sales. You will definitely find me at Target! They have packs of K-cups for $8 and I get 5% off on top of that with my red card! 

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Lauren said...

I looove some oldschool Jimmy Eat World!!!! :-) Have a great one!