Friday, September 27, 2013

Catching up on Life

So yeah obviously blogging has not been a priority lately! But, things have been busy (good busy) and I just never have the energy to sit down and blog. Or the desire lately!

Last weekend I went to a wedding in Wilmington. It was a ton of fun. Gorgeous location, great food and fun people!

The ceremony was at the Aerlie Gardens in Wilmington. Gorgeous gorgeous!

My coworkers and I with the happy groom!

We had a lot of fun and wine.

The days after were quiet and relaxing. 

And since then it's just been status quo! My sister is coming in to town for the weekend so I'm pretty excited about that! Looking forward to some time at the beach, fishing, and of course trying some new restaurants!

And y'all Fall is really here! It's wonderful. I was cold this morning. I'm sure by the middle of winter I'll b ready for spring. But, right now I'm loving the cooler weather! 

Happy Weekend :)


Robin said...

Sweet doggies. :) I am enjoying the autumn weather, too.

Lauren said...

The wedding looked awesome & photobooth is always a hit :-)

Nichole said...

I feel ya on the lack of blogging, lately. Sometimes, you're just to busy loving life, instead ;)