Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap! :)

This weekend was amazing. I wish I could hit rewind and play it over and over. 

My sister and her husband Robert got in to town around the time I got home on Friday. We started the weekend off with pizza and then we watched World War Z. (second time for us, first time for them, I really enjoyed it, again!)

Saturday we were up bright-ish and sort of early. We decided to have breakfast at Denny's. Sometimes Denny's is great. This was one of them. There's something about going out to breakfast that makes me feel like I'm getting spoiled. 

Then we headed to a giant Flea Market that was so much fun! I got some great deals on a few things I needed for the kitchen. Including a new can opener for $3!

And some of the most delicious things ever, 'Frosted nut's! Oh gosh, so good! Basically just pecans with caramel on them. Yum!

After the market we came home for a few minutes and regrouped. Lady was being cute so I had to take a photo. 

Krystle and I headed out for a little 'sister time' and did some shopping and hanging out. She got some shirts from Cato's and we both got a great deal on fancy hand soap from Hamrick's. We both have a sort of addition to hand soap. Especially when you get 3 for $2!

After shopping we decided to go and pick the boys up and head to dinner. We went to Broadway at the Beach for some walking around and dinner. We ate at Key West Grill which was just amazing as usual. Sometimes those little coupon books you find at rest areas, etc pay off. There was a bogo deal for entrees at Key West. We got some amazing food and only paid half price. I can still taste the broiled scallops and fried plantains. 

We had to check out some of the novelty, touristy stores and Matt came across this seriously stylish hat. No idea why he wouldn't buy it ;)

While Saturday was fun yesterday was even better! I started by making everybody pumpkin pancakes. They turned out good but next time I would add more pumpkin. And they really would have been better with cinnamon. But, still very tasty! :)

After breakfast we packed the car, ran by the store and headed to the beach for a day of fun!

The weather was perfect!

I could sit at the beach all day. 

After hanging out at the beach for a bit and playing some corn hole we went and claimed a grill. 

For some reason hot dogs and hamburgers taste a million times better on the grill and when eaten outside. 

Krystle and I did a quick wine tasting at Broadway before we ate dinner. She picked up a delicious bottle of peach wine and we enjoyed a glass after we got a shower and cleaned off after the beach. 

Sunday night we watched This is the End, which yeah has maybe two funny moments, but over all it's kind of not my humor. Although, I did think it did a pretty good job of making fun of most end of the world movies. Some of them are just so dramatic it's hilarious, even when it's not supposed to be. 

Today we got breakfast at Denny's AGAIN before they got on the road :( I was so sad to see them go. But, the weekend was great. I celebrated doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen up with some chocolate turtle apples from Wal-mart. Oh my, they are good!


Robin said...

I think Lady is sad that she couldn't come along for "sister time"!

Lauren said...

The beach looked awesome and that apple oh my!