Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reining in the Whiney

It's easy to feel sorry for ourselves. And there's NOTHING wrong with having a bad day or having something crappy happen and being down for a bit. 

But, sometimes I have a tendency to let those crappy things take over. 

My stomach has been bothering me this week. And I did it to myself. Take a week of coffee every morning, three oranges a day and aspirin on an empty stomach and you have a pH imbalance! The symptoms are fun things like stomach pains and belching. And other unmentionables ;) 
(* Do not try this at home ;))

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. And the fact that I have to eat mushy white things for a few days. (Which let's be honest I've failed at miserably already. Apparently I secretly want my stomach to hurt forever.)

And then I read some blogs that kind of made me feel crappy for feeling crappy. Or at least made me want to change my outlook. 

This lady's blog is inspirational. She's pretty amazing. I'm sure she has days where things aren't all rainbows and bunnies, but the outlook she shares on her blog definitely reminds me that we only get one life and we need to truly live and enjoy it. One post in particular reminded me that we get to choose every day how we respond to events in our life. We can focus on the crap and the unhappiness or we can choose to focus on the good things in our lives. 

And some days I need to be reminded to focus on the good, because it's definitely easier when you're already feeling down to focus on the crap. 

Here's to a weekend filled with mashed potatoes and focusing on the positive! :)

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Robin said...

I agree that it is good to look for positive things, even little ones...but sometimes we just have "those days". I think it's good to let those feelings out once in a while instead of repressing them.