Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week in Review

I did a pretty stupid thing last weekend. I decided to try eating cinnamon again. 

I had one of those the doctor's must be wrong, people can't really be allergic to cinnamon, let's just give it one more try!, moments. 

That moment ended up in an allergic reaction. 

NO where near as bad as the one I had back in October. That landed me on the couch for a few weeks with a prescription for Prednisone, crying (almost, but not really) because I itched so bad. 

This time I got away with just a small rash that didn't spread or get worse. Only 5 days of Zyrtec plus Benadryl and my steroid cream for the itching!

This is the end of my relationship with cinnamon. No more french toast with cinnamon sprinkled on it, no more cinnamon raisin bagels (the offender in the most recent reaction), no more cinnamon sprinkled on my toast. I mean in the grand scheme of things my allergy could be much worse! I'm not allergic to gluten or peanuts or eggs. 

But, I'm still a little sad. I do love cinnamon. Always have! 

One place I always loved to sprinkle cinnamon was my coffee. This morning when I had my hazelnut coffee I was so wishing I could sprinkle some in! 

Because of my reaction and subsequent rash I got zero work outs in this week. Sweating made me itch and my rash spread. So basically all week I hung out on the couch with the air on super low. I'm kind of nervous for my run tomorrow! I know I'm going to be sore and hopefully I'm not too hard on myself with my time/distance. I am looking forward to getting back out there though :)


Lauren said...

Aw no fun girl! I love me some cinnamon!

Robin said...

I'm sorry you can't eat it anymore. :(