Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My rash from the cinnamon incident is gone. Wooo!

I started back working out. Taking a week off sucks! My shoulders are sore, my legs are sore, I was convinced I had a shin splint but I think it's just my calf muscle not understanding what exercise is again. I read up on the symptoms of shin splints and really I'm just achy. I'm sure after a few more days I'll be less achy in that way and more achy in other normal exercise ways, haha. 

Matt's sister is coming to visit this weekend! I'm so excited. We've planned out a few things and I just can't wait for them to get here and the fun to start.

We're hopefully going to have time for Ripley's Aquarium, Broadway at the Beach, THE beach, Fireworks, our favorite Mexican restaurant, our favorite place for Happy Hour and then there is a BBQ festival this weekend! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be dragging by Tuesday. But, it's going to be great!

Their visit also starts a few weeks/month-ish of people visiting. My sister is hoping to come the end of September, I have a friend coming to Charleston mid-October for a girl's trip and then hopefully my Mom will be visiting the end of October. 

My Mom has been trying to visit since last October when she broke her shoulder after she fell. Then she planned a trip in April and my Grandfather passed away. She's a little gun shy as far as booking her ticket goes. She said we're waiting until the last minute! 

That's all I've got on this Wednesday other than lately the weather has been perfect and I can't wait to take the dogs for a walk later today. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Robin said...

I like Broadway at the Beach and Ripley's Aquarium...haven't been to either in years. Take some pictures!