Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stepping Away from the Scale

Raise your hand if you actually LIKE the bathroom scale? 

No one? Oh you do? Probably because today it said what you wanted it to, right?

The scale can be maddening. At least for someone actively trying to lose weight. Until we remember we told ourselves we weren't loosing weight we were just trying to get healthy. Whatever, you know I still obsess over that damn thing, right? Ugh. 

I've been working on not obsessing. And to do that I've come up with a list of things that make me feel healthier even when the damn scale LIES lies I tell you!

1. My face looks thinner. And I'm not making this up. I have photographic proof that I can supply if you'd like. my cheeks/chin are substantially thinner than they used to be. 

2. My pants don't fit well anymore. Not in the too small way either. 

And side note about pants not fitting how awkward are clothes when you're getting healthy/losing weight? You can't buy new clothes every time you lose a size. Otherwise you'd be buying clothes constantly. So for a while I'm going to have a saggy butt, until I'm at a point where I'm no longer losing weight. Not that I'm never going to buy clothes again. I'm sure I will soon! But, until then my butt is going to sag and I mean let's face it no one can completely replace their wardrobe every few months so I'm going to have a saggy butt/too big tops for awhile. There are worse things though!

3. I can run for longer than 30 seconds. There have definitely been points where I couldn't run (ok what I do is jog, but whatever) for longer than about 30 seconds. Now I get on the treadmill for 30 minutes and think hey I could keep going! But, cross training is a must and when you only have so much time the treadmill gets 30 minutes so you can fit other things in too!

4. You want to fit other things in! I want to work out. I want to wake up at 5:30 and go to boot camp (that last line is not true)

5. I drink 8 glasses of water a day during the week. EVERY day. Sometimes I drink more. My skin feels better! I feel more alert. I get less hungry during the day. And even though like I've said before I pee what feels like every 5 minutes, the water is worth it. It does amazing things for your body!

6. I'm not as tired (except for when I get up for boot camp at 5:30) as I used to be. 

7. I can ALMOST keep up with Cajun. There are probably marathon runners who can't do that so I try not to get to upset about it but it's easier than it used to be! 

8. I think I went down a shoe size. Random huh? Losing foot fat. But, you do. And I think I now wear a 7 1/2. Which is kind of sad because half sizes are not as easy to come by. Maybe I'll lose more foot fat and be a size 7 soon!

These are the things I'm telling myself are MORE important than the number on the scale. And muscle weighs more than fat, right? RIGHT? Ok, not thinking about the scale any more. At least for today ;)


Robin said...

I've read that weight is a bad indicator of improvement or better health. If you have experienced all of these other changes then you are probably doing great! Weight is tricky anyway...two people with the same number of pounds can have totally different body types. I don't care if I have lost __ pounds, so I don't even own a scale. Like you, I would rather develop the healthier habits.

Alyssa said...

I would get frustrated with the scale and then start to realize that even though I may not have lost much, if anything that week, I had lost inches. And possibly gained some muscle too. Keep up the awesome work! You're so inspiring! :) Oh! And if you get desperate for new clothes but don't want to spend much, Goodwill might be a good place to find some cheap, temporary clothes!

Nichole said...

Yea, the scale and I have a HUGE love/hate relationship! And kudos to running more than thirty seconds, honestly I can't, so...

Erin said...

You absolutely can tell your face is thinner! You're doing an amazing job!! Have you taken measurements of your waist, arms, & legs? Or full body before pics? It's especially fun when you're building muscle to see how tone you're getting!