Friday, July 19, 2013

good-bye cable

Today we gave up cable. 

I'm not trying to start some tv is awful campaign by doing so. Cable is just pricey! And we weren't getting our money's worth. We've been watching A LOT of Netflix lately. A LOT. In fact in the past three weeks the only time I watched cable was on weekend mornings. Not really worth the price tag. 

So we did a few things! 

1. We bought a tv antennae. It doesn't actually look like an antennae. It looks kind of like the box below but white. We get about 10 local channels. Matt can still watch his football*!

2. We have our Netflix account. We are currently addicted to Supernatural. 

3. We got hulu plus. Man you can watch all the normal tv shows that are on right now with this! It's awesome. Paired with Netflix who needs cable??
And of course we have all of the other routes of entertainment. Redbox, buying movies, etc. *Matt is planning on buying the NFL package (I feel like it has another name!) in the Fall. It is pretty pricey itself but MUCH cheaper than cable!

So far I don't even notice other than we don't have a bulky black box in our living room. I realize we won't have DVR anymore. But, really I lived without it for 27 years I'm sure I can survive without it now! And really we ARE addicted to our tv. Instead of watching tv I've taken the dogs to the park three out of the past five days! They sleep better and I'm getting extra exercise! 

That is how we got rid of our cable. Check back in a few weeks and ask me how I feel about the decision then! ;)

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Alyssa said...

Good for you guys!! I haven't had DVR for a few years now and I was so super addicted to it. I do miss it sometimes but between Netflix and Hulu, it's not all that bad! :)