Monday, July 1, 2013

Rainy Weekend

The theme lately is rain. I appreciate the fact that we're not dealing with the crazy heat that the Southwest is or the deadly fires in Arizona. But, I could seriously do with some sunshine!

Apparently there was a funnel cloud over our apartments on Saturday. Matt and I decided to take a walk and after about 5 minutes it started pouring. Radar check fail. Walking back we were both like, man it's windy out here. And when we got home we both kept commenting on the crazy wind. About 2 hours later a friend asked if we were ok and I was like, uh yeah, are you? Haha. Then I saw the news. You can watch a video of it here. I love watching clouds in time lapse photos!! So yeah basically we walked under a funnel cloud and were completely oblivious. Only us. 

Sunday I decided to try and go to the beach with a friend. Again another radar fail. I feel like I need a new place to check the radar, when I think it should be raining it never is and when I think it isn't raining it starts up. Intellicast just ain't doing it for me anymore!

It did stop raining for about 30 minutes Sunday and we took the dogs for a mini-walk. Here are just a few photos. 

I'm pretty excited but this is only a two and a half day work week. Woohoo!! :)

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lori said...

we have been having so much rain here, too! i am hoping it holds off for the next couple of days so that we can enjoy the 4th... but i'm not so sure it will.