Thursday, July 18, 2013


Oh hey look at me, I have a blog! Now on to the important things!

Like food. 

I've recently become obsessed with the How to Cook Everything App on the iphone. Like obsessed, I browse through it instead of reading a book. Yeah, I might have a problem. 

The three top things we've cooked so far are: chicken teriyaki, tlayudas, and gougeres. 

Chicken teriyaki is pretty self explanatory right? Except this recipe used real sake. I've never cooked with sake or drank it for that matter! But, we had a glass while cooking. It reminded me of wine, but different. Great description, huh? Just go buy a bottle and taste it. You'll see! 

Second thing we made is gougeres. I want you to imagine Red Lobster cheddar biscuits meeting up with a yeast roll and sourdough and adding some more cheese. Voila that is a gougeres to me! Basically a tasty little light and airy yet also dense cheesy bite of bread. Oh my goodness, I could eat all the gougeres on the planet. I was scared because it calls for you to cook flour in buttery water on the stove top and all I could think was sure, that's going to be tasty. But, it was it was so delicious I had to hide half the gougeres from myself. 

I found them and ate them,but that's another story. 

Lastly is a food that I am now OBSESSED with. Obsessed. The Tlayuda. Sounds magical, right? 'Cause it is. Our version of the tlayuda is served in a tortilla shell folded in half so it looks like a giant taco. Inside you fill it with black beans, cheese, chorizo and cabbage. I'm sure the cabbage has you scratching your head. Just go with it. Trust me! The beans are spicy yet smooth, the chorizo is crispy and tangy, the cabbage is sweet and the cheese is magical. Go make one. Now. We've had them four out of the last 8 days. Yes, every other day I make tlayudas. Don't worry I serve them with a ton of veggies and tonight I scrambled egg whites and served that beside half a tlayuda. Think huevos rancheros only better. Oh my gosh. 

I tend to get on food kicks and eat them until the mere thought of that food makes me gag. I truly hope that never happens with the tlayuda. I want to eat them every other day forever and never get tired of them. 

Also go buy chorizo and eat it in everything. I've never cooked with chorizo before really and now I'm kicking myself. Why have I never cooked with it? Why??

I just realized I can't link to the recipes I used because they're on my app and I'm too lazy at the moment to fill them in. Eventually I will post them all!

I had a glass of wine with dinner and I'm feeling a little punchy, so I think it's time to go read in bed. Happy Friday Eve!!

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Erin said...

I'm going to have to check out this app and the Tlayudas! I hope its available in the Android market. You must take pictures the next time you make it - it will help with your awesome flavor descriptions :)