Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Confessional : It's Been Awhile

I've started to post a few times, but when I start to type nothing comes out. So I decided to start with something 'easy'. Friday Confessional :)

I'll probably throw a few pictures in there too, because I mean there can never be too many pictures, right?

So this week I confess....

I'm glad the longest day of the year has passed and we're counting down the months until Fall. I miss my scarves. I see people wearing them in the summer and I just want to ask them HOW?? My neck would sweat and I would over heat if I did that!

I own probably 25 pairs of shoes and I end up wearing one of two pairs of Old Navy flips flops almost every day. (This makes me thankful I work somewhere where flip flops are the norm!)

I hate getting up at 5:30 and I dread it on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I love my new exercise class. My teacher is a little crazy, but very down to earth and good at pushing us!

My doctor prescribed me new nasal spray for my allergies this week and I've been excited to pick it up. Yep, excited for nasal spray, sinus headaches are awful.

I took the dogs to the vet on Tuesday and I felt like that Mom whose children are both having temper tantrums on the floor of Target. They entered the building and forgot everything they've ever learned. Cajun tried to kiss everyone and Lady was not very ladylike. She might have tried to eat a poodle. In her defense it was kind of annoying ;)

I'm so excited that next week is July 4th. Not because of the fireworks or cook outs but because I'm taking Thursday AND Friday off. Can you say 4 day weekend??? My current plans involve my beach chair and my sofa (not at the same time) and maybe a burger.

And finally for your viewing pleasure little snippets of what I've been up to lately. 

going to the beach 

taking these two to the dog park and then napping after

spending work days here when our 'bosses' boss is in town

and enjoying our new place


Robin said...

I am glad that you blogged again! The dogs are so cute. Mine often seem to forget manners in front of guests. My parents find it hard to believe that Saint ever calms down.

Nichole said...

Hello, stranger! I don't get the scarves thing in summer Spring wedding season, I worked at an outdoor venue in Florida and it was SOOO hot and the lawn guys wore long sleeves b/c it actually provides shade and cools them...I don't know that I buy that? LOL...I wonder if its supposed to me the same idea w/ scarves...I'll just wait for the cold instead. HAHA.

Carrie Land said...

It's good to see you around again!