Thursday, February 21, 2013


I decided to start watching the Hills again on Netflix. It's such a great show! I mean not actually a GOOD show, but it's great if you just want to have noise on in the background while you do something else. 

I couldn't remember what year it came out so of course I googled it because google has all the answers, right?

It came out in 2006. I thought about it for a second and that was SEVEN years ago. 7. 

How is that even possible??

Life has taken such crazy twists and turns in the past seven years. 

Seven years ago I:

Was still living on Cape Cod

I was miserable and wanted to go home

I was applying and interviewing for a job I would get that would take me home

I would stay at that job for 5 years

During that 5 years I:

Met knew friends and lost old ones

Watched friend's and family's lives change

Met Matt

Decided I was ready for a change 

Applied for a job in South Carolina

Got married

Moved South!

Adopted two dogs

Found where I think I'm supposed to live for a very long time

I've officially lived in South Carolina longer than I have anywhere else other than Virginia! (Which of course SC has to compete with 28 years? Something like that? I can't add, haha) 

It's just so crazy how when you're in it, life seems to be moving at a glacial pace and the things you want to badly seem so out of reach. Then you blink and look back and everything is so different. And those things you thought never you'd get, are yours. Of course things are exactly like you might have imagined, in fact they are so much better than any day dream you could have dreamed. 

It doesn't mean you have everything you want or that life is perfect. But, it's pretty great. And you're very thankful for everything you have in it. 

So see what the Hills can do? Spark thoughts like that ;) 

Happy Almost Friday! 


Ryan said...

It's always so neat to look back and see the twists and turns life has taken to get you where you currently are. Sounds like life is GOOD for you, girl! :)

Robin said...

Beautiful post...I remember wishing I had the things that I have now. What was Cape Cod like? I heard that it is beautiful but the tourists can get annoying for year-round residents.

Erin said...

Where's the like button on blogspot? I mean really, I'm lazy and clicking a button "Like" tells you how I feel and that I'm reading your blog. Oh well - any hoot - I'm glad I've know you for all 7 of those years. Even though I never watched The Hills, I technically am a Hill - so that counts!
Love you!