Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Confessional!

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I decided to link up with Aubrey at High Heeled Love for Friday Confessional Today!

I confess:

* That I STILL haven't finished watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey yet.

(And season 3 is just mocking me from my DVR)

* I had a Reese's Egg for second breakfast.

* I am so happy it's Friday I want to dance around my office.

* I took a few EXTRA exercise classes this week and my stomach muscles hurt when I sneeze.

* There is a leftover bottle of red wine on the table in our work kitchen from an event and I really want to have a glass with lunch.

* I don't want to eat the lunch I brought with me today, I want something yummy. Anyone want to deliver something to me??


Nichole said...

MMm, I want some wine for lunch :)

Robin said...

I'm having a Butterfinger for breakfast!
You are doing great with the exercise classes...I admire your determination.

Kenzie Smith said...

I still have to start watching Season 1, I've heard awesome things about that show and need to start watching it soon!
I'm so glad it's Friday, I am excited for the weekend!!
Yay for a good work out!
Stopping by from Friday Confessional

Aubrey S. said...

Wait until those extra exercise classes make it hurt to brush your teeth. Then you're in trouble. I don't want to eat what I've packed for lunch today either.

Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Have a fabulous weekend!

Ducky said...

Wine for lunch is always a good idea! And you're way ahead of me on Downton Abby. I've never seen one episode!