Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prayers Needed

My Grandaddy had to be taken to the ER yesterday after falling in the bathroom. It took them a while but they've pinpointed the issue, it's a large mass on/in his liver blocking his bile duct. They tried to do a biopsy today but because of the blood thinners he takes they had to stop. 

They go back in 5 days from now to try again. He can't eat or drink right now so it looks like he'll be staying in the hospital until the test. 

He is scared and nervous and my Grandmother is too. They could use some extra prayers right now!

Thank you for thinking of us!


Ryan said...

I'm so, so sorry Amber! Saying prayers for your family, as well. This tumor stuff stinks!

Nichole said...

I'm sorry to hear, def thinking about you and your family :(

Robin said...

I hope he will get better soon! Praying for him.

Monica said...

Prayers are on the way girlfriend!

Erin said...

Any updates? Thinking about you all.