Friday, February 15, 2013


It's only been about two weeks since I had time to post!

Our training at work is done! Yay! I love the networking portion of hosting the training, but it is exhausting. I am just so glad it's done and I'm even happier that I get today off! So what if I still got up at 6 am, I didn't have to leave the house! :)

I met someone else with a cinnamon allergy this week! And it was kind of interesting timing. Tuesday I got a Vanilla Spice Latte as a treat at Starbucks. My stomach that night hurt SO bad, I had to get in bed and curl up at about 8 pm. I thought it was the salad I had that day at lunch, but after talking to the other person who has reacted to cinnamon in the past, I think I might be allergic to eating it as well. I guess I could go and asked to be tested. For now I'm just going to avoid cinnamon. The person I met told met that her allergy has gotten worse over time. It started out as just a small reaction and now she has to carry around an epi pen! So, I'm really going to try and avoid it at all costs now. It's hard because cinnamon is in so many things, and in a lot of things you wouldn't think about too! (Even though I don't eat at McDonald's much it's in the sweet and sour sauce there, who knew!?!) (**Sidenote I know I'm currently allergic to the cinnamon in candles, potpourri, etc. Up until now I've been able to eat it, but I think that is changing, sadly...)

We have a 9% chance of snow tomorrow night! ;) They say we might even get a dusting. I guess we'll have to watch and see. I wouldn't mind a little bit of a 'winter wonderland' look for Sunday! :)

Whenever I meet some people at training I'm always sad when I want to be friends with them and realize that they live across the country and I'm only going to get to see them once a year :( Why can't all the cool people live right next to me??? 

I'm going to have a glass of wine and twitter toast with Alyssa later today :) You should join us and celebrate that we made it through another week!

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Robin said...

I wonder if it also could have been the Starbucks location...maybe someone didn't properly clean their hands before preparing your drink.