Monday, February 4, 2013

Wishes and Goals for 2013

Nothing like waiting until February to think about goals for the year, right?

I read somewhere that the people who tend to reach goals (resolutions whatever you want to call them) are the ones who write them out in detail. 

I also tend to think that people who make fewer goals tend to keep them. You gotta be reasonable!

So here goes nothing!

Goal #1

Keep up with our new healthy lifestyle. 

I'm choosing to call this a lifestyle change rather than a generic 'losing weight' because that's truly what I'm going for. 

I have almost completely given up diet soda. I really only drink it on the weekend and every now and then at night during the week. This weekend we went out to eat and I drank WATER. I know you probably fainted from surprise. As I alluded to in the previous post my bladder thanks me, I think. I'm pretty sure I definitely have most pregnant women beat in the how many times do you pee a day/night thing. The other day I told Alyssa I counted and I made 14 trips during that work day. Definitely need a toilet in my office!

We cook almost every night and we're eating so much less meat. I bet we bought more meat in a month a year ago than we have in the past 4 months. We also make fish and seafood a larger percentage of that meat. And we're eating some vegetarian meals. Usually Matt still needs a little meat on those night, but it's getting to be smaller and smaller portions! I want to keep this up and keep playing around with new and fun healthy recipes. 

As I have also let you know I am in love with Zumba. My goal is to go to class 4 to 6 nights a week. Obviously some weeks I might be sick, go on vacation, etc. But, even then I am going to attempt to 'work out' in some capacity 4 to 6 nights a week. 

Goal #2 

Pay down debt. 

I'm not going for debt free by X month with this. I just want to make a manageable plan and stick to it. I've started a new savings account, at a different bank than my checking. Sounds crazy I know, but I don't want to be able to easily touch the money. It's for emergencies and that's how I want it to stay. 

Goal #3


Matt and I have been going back and forth on this one. Do we want to buy/rent/pitch a tent?

We're both a little gun shy between how things turned out with the last attempted house purchase and all of the crazy things that needed fixing when we first moved in to our rental.

I guess it might not be very grown up but I like being able to call someone else and have them fix whatever is wrong and pay for it too :) 

If we decide to keep renting I would like to get in to something more permanent that really fits us and where we are in life. Which basically means we have a ton o stuff. Fridge, washer/dryer, full house of furniture, etc. We basically need a house that only has a stove and hopefully a dishwasher. Other than that we have it covered. 

And in keeping with Goal #2 we'd like to find one in a price range that helps us to better use our income each month. I would love to pay our cars off sooner. 

Goal #4

Enjoy life. 

Seems easy right? You would think it is, but I have a feeling I'm not the only one who needs this goal! 

I want to really really enjoy life. Everything from Saturday nights spent in pajamas watching Netflix to visits with family and friends and everything else in between. I don't want to look back at this point next year and realize that I didn't truly enjoy and savor every moment of my life!

And that's it. Hopefully this time next year I can tell you that I've kept or met all my goals :)

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Robin said...

"I guess it might not be very grown up but I like being able to call someone else and have them fix whatever is wrong and pay for it too :)" <-- That is one aspect of renting that I enjoy, too. I don't think that it makes you not grown-up. If you pay to be able to stay in a place, you have a right to expect that it is in a certain condition.