Saturday, November 10, 2012


My poor baby Lady had a seizure last night at about 1 am. I felt the bed move kind of like I do when one of them is itching, didn't think anything of it, until Cajun woke me up. He 'poked' me until I got up and then I realized Lady was not ok. 

We have valium on hand (to give her rectally, fun to do at 1 am when you're disoriented and can't find your glasses!) and I have her all we had and the seizure didn't stop :( It's the worst feeling knowing there is nothing more you can do other than just wait it out. 

We're lucky that her seizures aren't worse. I've seen videos of dogs online while doing some research of scary scary things. But, it still breaks my heart. 

I barely slept last night because I had to keep checking that she was still breathing. I don't think she really appreciated that, haha. She kept giving me the look every time I put my hand on her chest, haha. She was like dude it is 4 am, 4, I need my beauty rest!

I called the vet first thing this morning and took her in. I love our vet. She is so sweet and so if the staff. I know they are being taken care of when we go there. And even though Lady isn't always very happy when she's there (who would be when you get something stuck up your butt every time you go?) I can tell she likes Dr. Candie.  

Today she started her on phenobarbital. I'm scared of some of the side effects but Dr. Candie assured me that we would work on finding out the right dose and get Lady where she needs to be so that we don't have to worry when the next seizure is going to hit. Ideally she would prefer Lady to have no seizures, but there is the chance even on phenobarb she may have one or two a year. Dr. Candie says this is acceptable, not ideal, but better than 4 or 5 a year which is where we're at now.

We go back in a month and until then I'm going to be a helicopter parent to my dog. I can already tell Lady is ready for that to stop, haha. Maybe I'll get better as the time goes on. I somehow doubt it, but I like to give Lady some hope :)

You can find all of us cuddled in bed or the couch giving Lady lots of belly rubs for the rest of the weekend. A good restful weekend never hurt anyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad she is okay!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, how scary! I will be praying for her and y'all! It's so sad when our furbabies are sick!