Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life Lately

I always feel like I'm busy, but I don't even know what I do. Does anyone else feel like this?

I feel like there is always a load of laundry, a sink of dirty dishes (i have a dishwasher but i still end up with a sink of dirty dishes somehow!), a bed to be made and a trail of Matt to clean up. 

I know that I should be thankful that we have clothes, we eat and that I have Matt but man some days I'm just like gah! enough already. 

Lady is still getting used to her meds to of course the poor thing pooped in the house. And not to be tmi but she's not a small dog. And she eats a lot. Bleh!

I really didn't mean for this to be a complaining post. I started it thinking it was going somewhere else but yeah it's real life. 

I do have some things to be thankful for today:

Pistachios. If you don't like pistachios I'm not sure we can be friends. 

Doggie kisses


Double chocolate mochas (And husbands who bring them to you on Sunday morning with the paper when you're sick!)

Candle light 


Hope you guys are having a good week!

1 comment:

Robin said...

You don't sound like you are complaining. Lots of bloggers make their lives seem totally perfect all the time, but they have these moods, too.