Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recipes Coming Soon!

Tonight I decided I wanted something different for dinner. 

I'd seen recipes for things similar to what I ended up making but I decided just to start pulling things out of the fridge and making some turkey muffins without a recipe. 

Oh my goodness so glad I did they are SO good. And they are packed full of veggies! 

These little guys have a ton of spinach and mushrooms in them and are just delicious. I of course did not take enough pictures of the process so darn I'll just have to make them again ;) But, I will post a more detailed recipe with a few more pictures tomorrow. For now it's time to play some tennis and then eat these bad boys! :) (well not all of them, maybe not ;))

Last night I made homemade pizza on my rustic Italian bread. Oh my goodness SO good. I need to share the recipe for that bread too. I will warn you, it's delicious and easy. Is there anything more dangerous?


Monica said...

oh my gosh those look good! cant wait to get the recipes. I love me some pizza!!

Monica said...

oh my gosh those look good! cant wait to see the recipe. Pizza is my favorite!