Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Can we have a repeat?

This weekend was SO wonderful. If I hadn't missed 3 1/2 days of work last week I might have taken Monday off and extended it!

Friday evening was boring and wonderful. I still wasn't feeling terrific so I spent the night on the couch catching up on tv shows I was too sick to watch during the week and had leftovers from a birthday lunch at work earlier that day. I'd like to say I went to bed early but prednisone induced insomnia is keeping me up still!

Saturday I did sleep in until 9:30 I felt like a new person. I did everything I hadn't the entire week before. I cleaned, shopped, played with the dogs, WORKED OUT!, I felt so great. 

Then Sunday we had a giant cleaning morning. I did a good 6 loads of laundry! We also sprayed the house for bugs. In the South you've gotta stay on top of those things of the palmetto bugs will invade your house, no matter how clean it is!

Sunday afternoon I baked until I couldn't anymore. If you follow me on Instagram (@aeknow) you saw some of my baking fun! Banana chocolate chip muffins and rustic Italian bread! This week at some point I found a new recipe for banana bread I want to make. 

It's so nice to feel normal again. I love not itching all day long. 

My Mom is recovering really well. She's still not 100% but she sounds so much better. She goes next week for follow up scans. I'm hoping that the Doctor only has good things to report. 

I can't believe it's already Wednesday or the middle of October. This year is FLYING by!!

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