Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Food Rut

For the first month of two our diet I loved everything I was cooking. I was having fun experimenting and I was enjoying our routine. Now I'm bored. Bored of my food! Actually I think I'm just tired of cooking because I do all the cooking and we eat out basically NEVER. Anyway, I went to Pinterest for inspiration and I'm just tired of recipes having 12 million ingredients. I like simple food that tastes great. I want it to be easy to cook and have just a few ingredients. I also don't want the recipe to involve too many steps. Could I be any pickier?

This weekend I'm going doing our food shopping for October. It's really worked out well for us to shop for food once a month. It makes it easy because there's no longer any but we don't have X. We always have everything to cook anything! I think I need to branch out with the meat and veggies I buy this time round though. That and I need to revamp my spice rack. I really wish I didn't have a black thumb so I could have grown more spices this summer. 

If you have any simple, healthy and affordable recipes or ideas you'd like to share I welcome them :)

We don't eat red meat, eggs or anything fried. We're also addicted to spinach and sunflower seeds :)

I need to spend some time tonight and tomorrow going through my magazines and finding some recipes that fit the bill! If I find any and cook them and find them to be good (which I found a few that did not turn out so great, they pretty much tasted like nothing, bleh!) I will share. I think I need to let myself be more adventurous. I always try to follow the recipe the first time before experimenting. We'll see, maybe I will revamp some of my current ones too!

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