Saturday, September 1, 2012

weekend so far

i really wish i could push the pause button on this weekend. 

it's been great so far. 

i finally went through two boxes with all of those bathroom odds and ends that had been put up in a closet when we first moved in. this resulted in me: giving myself a manicure and pedicure, finding approximately 50 bottles of perfume i forgot i had, finding 8 extra pairs of contacts (woohoo), and finding all of the cold medicine and extra toothpaste i knew was somewhere!

i set out every cinnamon and vanilla candle i have and i also simmered olive oil with coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla and lemon on the stove. my house seriously smells like Williams Sonoma meets fall. i love it! :)

matt and i also went to get our eyes tested this morning. can i just say i forget in between appointments how awful getting your eyes dilated is! i couldn't see anything that was 10 feet from my face for what felt like hours. so i did what any normal person would do in that situation and slept until i could see normal again :) my eyes have gotten slightly worse which i could already tell because night driving was not so great anymore. i hate night blindness. it doesn't help that i have a slight slight astigmatism that isn't worth treating so my vision lacks a certain sharpness  that someone who can have their astigmatism fixed would get. i'm lucky thought both my eyes are around -3 and matt's are -8!

we're taking a few days off from hard core exercising. i did take the dogs for a walk yesterday and holy hotness! i thought we had said goodbye to the 90s?? the dogs did not appreciate the temperature and let me know by coming in the house and promptly going to bed. eventually they forgave me, the snausages helped my case ;) and i've done a little yoga. whew have you ever tried to do leg lifts while in plank position? and some people dismiss yoga as not being hard!

tomorrow we have plans to take the dogs to the state park again and go for another hike. not sure if we'll end up at the beach or not. there are just so many people in town this weekend. i made the mistake of going to walmart today and i literally ran away. between it being the first of the month and labor day walmart was a mad house, mad! people really lose their minds when they go in that store. 

time to get back to my wine while matt drafts another football team. 

enjoy your weekend, friends! :)

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