Wednesday, September 5, 2012


it's hard to be content isn't it? everything tells us we need more. whether it be the tv we're watching or the magazines we're reading. and let's not get started on pinterest! everywhere you turn it's more, more, more. 

i was watching the dogs last night during their last 'outside' time before bed and i took a quick look around. the living room and kitchen are filled with stuff. i don't need to replace anything, it all works fine. i don't need more pictures or throws or pretty things to put on the shelf.

and yet sometimes i get sucked in. i feel like i need to update my furniture or paint my walls or do something because everything around me is telling me to. and i mean if you're not diy'g something you're obviously an under achiever, right?

and it doesn't stop at stuff. it's our life as well. we should have multiple letters before or after our name, a fancy sounding job title. and as much as we should have more, more, more....we should do, do, do just as much. 

but, what's left of you after you're done buying and doing? how are you supposed to take care of your marriage or family or friends when you're so busy being busy?!?

i've been thinking about this a lot lately. i wish i could live in a shack by the beach with matt and the dogs. i think about quitting my job and working at a winery. and not because i don't want to be an adult or to take responsibility for my life, but because sometimes it just gets to be too much. i'm tired of being surrounded by things and calendars and to do lists. some days i just want to be. i want to be a better wife, a better dog mom, a better daughter, granddaughter, and sister, a better friend. and i want to do it well. i don't want the things i do for matt, the dogs, family or friends to be an after thought. i want it to be the first thing i do. i want it to come first. 

i've been working on this a lot. i don't do work at home anymore unless i've done things for me already. i don't put other things before matt and the dogs. i'm still a work in progress, but i am working on it :)

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Alyssa said...

Ahhh, the winery! :) Love it!