Thursday, August 16, 2012


Whew this week is flying by! It's been a pretty great week, of which I have zero pictures. Oh well!

So far I've gone to the beach, gone out to eat with friends, played and WON trivia night!, taken the dogs for walks, cleaned up after the dogs as number of times because Cajun is again afraid of outside! done a lot of working from home because we're trying to get stuff done by the end of September annnnd that's about it! I did also forget trash day twice this week, as did Matt. Can you imagine what our trash can smells like? It's delightful I tell you!

Last night we had our 'cheat' of the week. We had hibachi. The best thing because we didn't get fried rice and got extra veggies and no sauce we ended up under calories for the day, woohoo. So this means I still have my cheat for the week. I believe I see some Sweet Frog in my future. I know not everyone needs a cheat of the week but seriously ya'll I DO! I need a little something that I can look forward to. It somehow makes it easier to not eat those things during the week. I know I get a little something special at some point :)

Also do you know what a palmetto bug is? No? Lucky you! Bleh if I see one more I am going to freak the freak out! I dislike them and their many tiny fast moving legs. I hate the crunch they make when you kill them more. And don't get me started on mosquitoes. I hope we have a very cold very long winter and that every mosquito in South Carolina dies. I can only dream that they wouldn't come back....

Time to catch up on America's Got Talent and True Blood tonight. Anyone else really disappointed in the You Tube Show? 

Alright enough randmoness for today! It's Friday tomorrow yay!

Oh and also if you've read this far please keep my Mom in your prayers. She had gum surgery today and is slowly recovering. It's pretty fun talking to her right now because she's a little 'loopy'! :)

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Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh, I totally need a cheat DAY bahah! It's usually on Sunday's for me and I try not to go too terribly crazy!

Also...those palmetto's?! SICK! I killed five in three days. It almost made me wanna cry haha.