Tuesday, August 14, 2012

it's tuesday

there were a few weeks there where i was really on top of things. i had 5 or 6 posts already typed up and ready to go. all i had to do was choose which one to post when! and then the ended up lasting like three weeks in between thankful thursdays, it's ok thursdays, and other link ups. and then i fell off that train.

and now i am here. where i have a lot going on and not enough time to tell anyone all about it. 

work is busy i'm trying to knock out a lot of work before the end of september. 

my sister and brother-in-law visited, i've taken trips to the beach, played a lot of team trivia and made plans for the next month-ish that are going to be lots of fun. 

and yet i have barely written about any of it!

hopefully this weekend i can catch up some and get things back in order. i want to document all the fun things i've been doing so i can look back and have a scrapbook of sorts! 

also Alyssa wrote a really great post HERE about why being a no reply blogger is so sad :( We want to answer every comment we see. I jump up and down when I get a comment, so I definitely want to be able to reply! It's like losing the top half of your ice cream cone when you realize you can't. And let's be honest folks losing ice cream is some sad business.

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Alyssa said...

It's JUST like losing the top half of your ice cream! Thanks for the link love! :)

You and I and our business. I don't even know what to do with us hah!