Thursday, August 2, 2012

End of the Week Thoughts

i told Alyssa the other day that my doctor told me at my yearly check-up that while I'm healthy now I need to start really thinking about how healthy i want to be 10 years from now (the really scary thing in 10 years i will be checking off the 40 year old box when talking about my age, how am I that old? i'm pretty sure i'm still 16 and someone has that one wrong ;))

so a few weeks ago (actually maybe a little over a month?) matt and i decided we needed to do something. we started off getting a stationary bike on sale, then got a treadmill. i'll admit when i first started working out i couldn't do it for very long. it was embarrassing to say the least. it's not much but i've worked my way up to 45 minutes on the treadmill and then doing a 10 minute kick-boxing routine from netflix (umm did netflix just take this away??????? UGH! well i'll be looking for a replacement for this!). some days it sucks. i have to really push myself to do it. but, every day that i do it, it gets easier. every day i want to do it more. 

it helps that we've also been eating a lot better. and when i say a lot better it's like night and day. i eat two salads a day and we only buy salmon, tilapia, turkey and chicken (only lean white meat) oh and fresh south carolina shrimp too! ;)

matt has probably consumed more vegetables in the last month then in the last year. completely not joking! we also switched out our butter and oil for coconut oil and some olive oil. and no more eggs, only egg whites. and not as much cheese :( all the yummy stir frys i make with mushrooms make up for the no cheese though :)

it's exciting to be healthy, because i have SO much more energy. we're not losing weight to fit in to a certain size or even to get to a certain weight. we're doing it to be healthy. obviously both of those things are a by product of being healthier! which is great. i have lost close to 10 pounds since we started. and honestly until i hit a really big milestone (like 50 pounds) i probably won't mention weight again because i don't want it to be my focus. i want my focus to be on feeling and being healthy. i'm not going to start talking about this all the time. but, i've been feeling really excited about this and proud of matt and i for succeeding (so far) and i just felt the need to share :) hopefully a year from now big changes will have happened and i will be and feel much healthier than i am today.

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Alyssa said...

Yay for the 10 pounds!! It feels great, doesn't it? I'm so happy for you two!! I can't really do cheese and never any milk, sour cream, cream cheese, etc. because of an allergy. I do cheat with the cheese sometimes though. It's really hard but it definitely affected my weight when I had to stop eating it.