Sunday, August 19, 2012

busy week!

alright, i'm going to be upfront i have a very busy week coming up!

i have my well woman visit (bleh) this week so i'm already going to lose a few hours of work. i have A LOT to get done. like the list of things to get done is longer than is physically possible to finish. i'm not really stressing though, you can only do what you can do!

i have a couple of fun things planned with friends at night! yay

saturday i'm going to a wine tasting event, woohoo! so ready for that! :) i'm pretty excited to hang out with new friends, drink wine and listen to some bands play!

and then the beach on sunday afternoon. 

Cajun, Lady and i met a friend today at the beach. it was a tad bit windy and we were trying to get in a few hours before storms arrived. there are a lot of tourists here (a lot really doesn't do it justice) most of them have no idea how to set an umbrella up. we always joke that one is going to come out of the sand. well today that happened. i didn't move because i was sure the guy next to us was going to catch it. unfortunately it was moving SO fast he couldn't. so Cajun and i took the umbrella to the face. poor little guy his eyes were as big as saucers for awhile. we of course did not get off the beach in time to beat the rain. let's just say Lady was less than pleased i let us be out in thunder. she is NOT a fan!

now we're getting ready for another week. i hate to wish my life away. but i really do love weekends more than the rest of the week. i have an easy solution for this. make weekends longer than weeks. ta da! everyone would be happier :)

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Cori H. said...

I wish weekends were longer. 2 days just doesn't cut it for me! Hope you have a great week!