Monday, August 20, 2012

monday funday

whew it was a Monday! you know those days when you just can't seem to do anything right and you feel like you have to left feet?

yup one of those days!

however there were many positives:

1. i ate the best leftover spinach nuggets for lunch. recipe coming later this week!

2. i checked something off my list at work! woohoo 

3. i played tennis with matt tonight. man playing tennis is hard. it's definitely a good workout. too bad i have no aim and no control over how soft or hard i hit the ball. i'm hoping this gets better with time. 

4. more leftover nuggets for dinner....yeah i tend to eat a lot of new fun things and then eventually over do it. right now i'm in the blissful can't get enough phase....

5. i had a fiber one brownie. i was telling Alyssa about them last night. seriously go buy some. right now, stop reading this and go get a box. they are only 90 calories, have 2 grams of total fiber per bar and are super delicious. if i hadn't already had 2 today i might have had another one. they are THAT tasty. 

6. i'm old and tired and sore now that i spent all night playing tennis so it's time to go to bed. eventually i will post the most spectacular spinach recipe ever. eventually :)

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