Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Funday

It's a short day at work today because we have our July 4th picnic. Kind of odd to have it 2 days after. But, we get to leave after lunch so I am NOT complaining :)

I have a list of some to do's I want to accomplish this weekend

1. finish the patio chair project

2. unpack the remaining box in the house

3. finish putting away winter clothes including coats in the coat closet

4. maybe paint some of the living room

5. make a meal plan for next week

6. make a picture frame meal plan thing for the kitchen, purchased a frame last weekend for $1!

7. finish purchasing and mailing a birthday gift and a wedding gift

8. relax with the family and play with the dogs! 

9. force matt to take a new picture with me

I think that's enough for one weekend, right? :)

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a great weekend too!


Anonymous said...

It makes me tired looking at your list :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a long lazy weekend!

Alyssa said...

You are one busy lady!! I hope you get everything done and have a fun weekend! :)