Friday, June 22, 2012

my mom's visit

i'm so sad because this time last week i was waiting at the train station to pick my mom up. this week i'm recapping her visit wishing we could do it all over again!

we started off her visit with dinner from our favorite hibachi takeout called yohohama. it is so cheap and so amazing! i can get chicken hibachi that is good for dinner and have leftovers for lunch for $4.75. seriously our favorite place to eat. 

the next day we ran a ton of errands and i showed her around town! it was fun getting to show her where i shop, etc. i also took her to the river room in georgetown to get some shrimp n grits and see the harbor. then we came back to the house and just relaxed some. 

sunday was matt's day off so we kind of had a hang out with matt day :) i cooked everyone a big breakfast and we watched the smurf's. it was actually a cute movie. 

that night we took her out to eat at crabby mike's. if you ever visit the myrtle beach area, go eat there. seriously the crab legs were so good, not salty at all which i think is a major issue with crab legs at most restaurants. 

monday i took my Mom and showed her where i work. then we had a FUN day shopping. we went to the old time pottery in socastee and then did some hanging out at the mall. i love shopping with my mom. we have very similar taste and just enjoy picking clothes out for one another! :)

tuesday and wednesday were pretty much spent either at the beach or working around the house. my mom helped me get two of our flower beds in order and helped me decorate a little. i wish we were doing it all over again this week! 

i introduced my mom to kinky while she was visiting too. kinky is a very pink very fruity liquor. i made her drinks VERY weak, haha but she loved it. and i even bought her a fun glass to drink out of!

note in this photo that the pink glass has iced tea and the little glass has mostly sierra mist mixed with kinky :) not trying to get my mom drunk, i swear! ;)
(also sorry for the crappy pic, i only had my phone out and didn't feel like getting the camera, also i apologize for the bare walls, decorating is still a work in progress!)
i was so happy we got to show her a good time while she was here and i wish my whole family would just move here already ;) seriously the area is wonderful! :) who wants to help me sell the idea to them. 

the dogs are even kind of sad today. i came home alone from work and i got the oh, it's just you look, haha. it could be partially due to the fact that they got A LOT of extra treats while she was in town :)

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Alyssa said...

Sounds like so much fun! I totally get the "empty" feeling you have after she leaves. That's one of the worst feelings! :( I vote your family moves there too! :)