Thursday, June 21, 2012


love my extremely creative post title? i know you're so in awe you can barely stand it, haha. 

i feel like it's been forever since i've really sat down to blog. we had so much going on there for awhile i could barely see straight let alone think about blogging though. now things are slowly starting to settle down and i feel like i can start to get back to 'normal'. whatever 'normal' is, haha. 

as i mentioned before we lost the house. it's been exactly 20 days since we found out and at this point i'm actually kind of happy. i know it's a terrible cliche but things really do happen for a reason. not 2 days after we moved in our water heater broke. then the ac acted up. then the toilet started having issues. then one of the lights had a short. and i swear the house is actually in good condition, haha! i truly think it was a wake up call for us. not having to deal with those things and just being able to call someone has been a real blessing. so almost a month after the whole house debacle i can truly say i am thankful it didn't work out. we're in a great house in a great location exactly 4 miles from where both matt and i both work (we work 4 miles in opposite directions from our house :)) and the yard is great. we have a church in our back yard so i mean, it's pretty safe. 

speaking of church it's a pentecostal congregation. i think i might just check it out because i still haven't a year later found a church i would call home but i told my mom and she was like well just don't expect it to be like a Lutheran (which is how I grew up!) church service, haha. so we'll see. it might also be out of my comfort zone. i was really spoiled in Virginia. i went to the same church for almost 20 years. i guess it's a good thing to be thrown out of that comfort zone sometimes and forced to accept change, but it's been really hard. every church i go to just doesn't feel like home. i'm not giving up yet though!

my mom visited this past week and we had so much fun! her visit deserves a post of it's own. i'll probably get to that tomorrow! i need to organize photos before i start writing. 

on that note it's off to do laundry and clean up a little and be happy that i only work one day this week. i think i can handle one day of work ;) now if all weeks had longer weekends than work weeks!! :)

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Alyssa said...

I'm finally getting around to my laundry hahah!

I'm glad things ended up working out better for you guys with the whole house thing!

The whole church thing can be hard. It took us about two years to find a church here in SC. And we're a satellite church out of the main campus in Anderson.