Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wednesday randoms

1. lady is now terrified of thunderstorms. the dogs had to go to the bathroom so bad when i got home from work so we had no choice but to go outside while it was pouring. then the thunder started and she might have almost pulled me off the sidewalk and then almost made me face plant trying to get away from it. 

2. i think i might be addicted to sushi and homemade yum yum sauce (recipe from Mrs. Robinson). 

3. i know i'm addicted to diet coke, actually these days coke zero. 

4. the house stuff is starting to drive me crazy. CRAZY. like i was in tears at my desk today crazy. i almost started crying while on the phone with my lender, luckily i held it in until i got off the phone.

5. our new closing date is may 31st. the same day we have to be out of the apartment. no idea how that's going to work. my brain hurts thinking about it.

6. we already have multiple parties and friend dates planned for our new back yard. if we get it. we have plans to refurb the outside grill and install a horse shoe area? whatever you want to call it. and i'm having a lot of fun searching for used backyard furniture on craigslist. it's more fun than actually dealing with the reality of the house drama itself!

7. i've checked off 3 things at work this week. it feels SO good to check things off my list. 

8. lady hasn't had a seizure in over 2 months!!! woohoo

9. i need to start a journal/list of things i want to blog about. i'll be somewhere random like the drug store and think i should blog about that and then i forget exactly what it was i wanted to blog about by the time i get to my computer. 

10. some days making lists is all i have the brain power to do. 

11. i'm wearing a wet sweatshirt right now because i wore it outside in the above mentioned rain storm and i got cold and was too lazy to go and get a dry one from the closet. sad i know. it's also the most comfortable one i own. so i'm just hanging out soaking wet. 

12. you know what's weird when an ex-best friend gets engaged. it's weird to think about what you might be talking about now if you were still friends, you know. 

13. monday will be one year since matt and i got married! this year has FLOWN by. it's crazy to think about. it's also almost a year since we moved here and a year since i started my new job. definitely causing some reflection around these parts. 

14. i really really want to see the new dark shadows movie. i love johnny depp and the previews look hilarious. 

15. i think this list is long enough now! happy wednesday :)

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Alyssa said...

I love that you have a dog named Lady! I used to have one named Lady! :)