Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update on My Aunt

First of all if you live in the South how HOT is it today? Man oh man. I got burnt just running my errands. And I have approximately 200 new freckles on my face!!

Also I got my hair cut for the first time in a year. No biggie. They just cut off a small toddler's worth of hair off my head. 

I need to take a picture but she didn't use any gel or mousse...sooo....Yeah frizz city. I need to wash and style it before I take any pictures!!

And now for the point of this post. My Aunt. God is SOOO Good. He would have been good no matter what. But, she is so much better. Every day that she gets more rest and takes her new medicine is a better day. She's no longer confused about where she is or anything like that. Her short term memory is still getting there, but she is so much better! I was so happy to talk to her and have her be her again. 

Thank you for all your prayers!! :)

I don't even have any pics today. I am going to try to get outside and take pictures of the new baby ducks in our pond. They are tiny little balls of fur/feathers right now. I just want to cuddle with them. My dogs however have less sweet ambitions.

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