Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I feel like this week has been a whirlwind! I blinked twice and it's Thursday night!

Part of the reason this week has gone so fast is that this past weekend my Great Aunt (who is actually 10 years younger than my Gran so she's always felt more like an Aunt) had some big issues. She went in Friday for a myelogram and her world got turned upside down. The dye from the procedure went to her brain causing multiple grand mal seizures. She's now in rehab but she's having a rough time of it. Her scans have shown that she has an aging brain and may have early onset dementia. It's so sad because she's only 64 and has only been retired for 2 years. She was going to bring my Grandparents down to visit in July. Now she doesn't even know where she is half of the time :(


Through all of this God has shown how great He is. She still knows who we are and she has all of her faculties. Our family is so blessed to have each other. He is a great comfort to both her and us. 

So this week I am thankful and continue to pray for the following 

1. Amazing Doctors who are given the gift of healing. 

2. My family who is always there to wrap their arms and prayers around each other when it's needed. 

3. Friends who call and check up on her and us. 

4. My husband and dogs who know when all that's needed is a hug. 

And in less serious ways I'm thankful for

5. How good chick fil a tastes when you haven't had it in months

6. Zyrtec and diet coke, they are helping me survive allergy season together

7. That it's time for another weekend!

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