Friday, April 20, 2012

What color is your front door?

Right now the door at our potential new house (I will not remove potential until after we close :)) is a sort of red. Not red red though, like burgundy red. I just don't think I'm feeling it. 

I've been looking to pinterest for inspiration. 

The potential house is white with black shutters (which can obviously be changed if I wanted to) and a black roof. I really want the door to pop but not be crazy. It just wouldn't fit with the feel of the house (it was built in the 30s) if I did anything too crazy. 

These are some of the doors I really liked:

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

I think I would prefer something darker that would hold up better and not show dirt as much. I like the idea of a blue or green door, but I'm not sure if the options I've seen are too bright or not. I'm thinking it might be better to go with a deeper green or blue. But then will it look almost black?

I'm probably over thinking this but at least it's a fun thing to think about!

What color is your front door? What color have you always wanted to paint it but your scared to? 

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Mrs. Robinson said...

Our door is the ugly, old dark hunter-ish green color. I hate it. I want to paint our door BRIGHT orange! =) Like our wedding color, not like Clemson. Just to be clear, haha.

I think you should go with lime green! :)