Monday, April 23, 2012

anyone else have one of those mondays where you wrote a note and then 10  minutes later forgot what it was about? no, only me? oh well. 

in other news we close on the house next monday! wooohooo. i am so happy that this journey has almost come to a close. i feel like i have learned so much during this process. one day i will write a comprehensive set of tips for the first time home buyer. AND a set of tips for buying a foreclosure. because i feel like buying a foreclosure is only much more complicated than buying a normal house. 

i also have some random questions for ya'll:

do you accumulate bottles of ketchup and ranch dressing in the fridge? and how do they hide when you check before going to the store? i found 5 bottles of ketchup and 3 bottles of ranch dressing when i was getting stuff out of the fridge for dinner. craziness. 

also we got a note about pressure washing at our apartment building today. one part of the house they are washing is the screened in porch. the note mentioned keeping your dogs inside all day that day. do people seriously lock their dogs out on the porch when they go to work? i was horrified to think that. my dogs would never tolerate that. they are way to spoiled, haha.

anyone out there love packing? have tips for someone who hates it and has to pack up their entire apartment in two weeks? i am usually organized but when it comes to packing and moving i am just no good. 

i really need to write a letter to our apartment building telling them we won't be staying for another year. definitely happy to do that!!

and so i don't bore you here are some fun pictures from the weekend :)

friday night i made crab stuffed mushrooms. they were so good!

and i don't know about where you are but here the weekend was so wet. it rained pretty much from saturday morning to sunday night. so the dogs, matt and i did a lot of snuggling. these are two cute photos from the cuddling sessions :

lady loves sleeping in the crook of matt's arm. i think he makes her feel safe :)

hope you guys have a good week! :)

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Megan said...

That's so exciting about closing on the house!! Congrats!