Wednesday, April 11, 2012


today has been another two diet coke morning. 

to start with since closing is so close i've been talking to our lender and realtor a lot lately. A LOT. 

i was forwarded an email today that i personally think i shouldn't have seen (at least part of it). in the email it was mentioned that tomorrow was the original closing date and that we're out of contract if we don't close. um cue panic anyone? 

apparently all that needs to be done is a simple extension has to be singed but GOOD grief people. be careful what you send!! and maybe mention in that email that all you need is an extension?!?!

i have a feeling the next month is going to be crazy crazy crazy crazy. so many things that need to be lined up, packed, etc. one thing i am looking forward to after closing: NOT having to obsess over my bank account and credit cards. not that i want to use them, but more than once i've gone to use one and been like NO don't do that. (even if i pay it off i'm terrified that it will somehow mess with my credit score or the bank will see it and reject my loan. i fully realize i am being a little crazy about this. i'm working on it.)

it's a good thing work is busy or else all i would be doing is worrying. and we all know worrying does no good. (i'm really good at giving this advice out. however, following it...not so much!)

and i'm on instagram now (@aeknow) and I'm starting to love it. but i feel like all i do is take picture of diet cokes and cupcakes. i need to work on that!!

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Monica said...

I know what you mean by not being able to use your credit cards until after you close on your house! That killed me... After we closed I went straight to the 7-11 to get my Big Gulp of Diet Coke then off to the store to buy all new bedding for our new bedroom and guess what I used? YES OUR CREDIT CARD!! lol Good luck with your closing.