Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was really great and very relaxing. It sounds crazy because I only left work 2 hours early Friday but I felt like I had a long weekend!

Dinner with my friend Jen Friday night was so great. I mentioned before that she's one of those friends that we can start right where we left off. It was like we hadn't been apart at all. She also got calamari with me which makes me happy because no one else really likes it. Don't people know how delicious it is?!?! We walked around Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach and found this crazy candy store. Had all kinds of candy that made me feel like a kid again. I not only forgot the name of the place but took no pictures that night, oh well! I will definitely be back. I got some watermelon gummy bears. Oh my goodness SO good!

Saturday the dogs and I went to the dog park. They were so exited because they made new friends. They ran for two hours straight just about! One of the dogs was a greyhound and Cajun was in heaven. That greyhound was the first dog I've seen that could out run Cajun at the park. He ran and ran and ran until his tongue was halfway to his paws! Towards the end Lady came to the little bridge I was standing on and just fell over on her side and stayed there until I said the magic words, time to go home! Haha :) They slept REALLY well Saturday and most of Sunday. 

(I know this is a repeat picture but this is basically how Cajun looked after the park :) I'm pretty sure he was dreaming the whole time about beating the greyhound in a race too!! ;))

On our way home we stopped at the store and I picked up some pretty flowers for Easter, which I still haven't taken a picture of! And some Cajun Peanuts to put in Matt's Easter basket. He is obsessed with them. And I think they are the nastiness thing ever. They are so hot the one time I ate one I cried, haha. 

Sunday was very relaxing. I love Easter Sunday. It wasn't quite like the Easter's at home, but I enjoyed it being the two of us and the dogs. After I got home we had a ham dinner. I only cooked the ham everything was else was store bought, I know I know, terrible! But, for two of us I didn't want to cook potato salad or collards. So I just bought pre-made. And it was just as delicious!

Matt's a diabetic so I don't usually make dessert but for some reason I got it in my head that I had to have funfetti cupcakes, haha. So I made some and took them to work. Delicious! 

And i put them on my fun new Easter egg platter. Who doesn't love sprinkles? :)

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